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Colorado Springs Brakes at All Purpose Auto and Tires

Between the damaging heat of summer asphalt, winter driving conditions and mountain driving in Colorado Springs, your brakes take a beating. At All Purpose Auto & Tires we can take care of your brakes for you while we save you money and time. Whether you need new brake pads or an entire brake replacement including rotors, our ASE Certified Technicians will provide you with brake service that keeps you family safe and gets your vehicle back on track. The only time you want to be on the sidelines in Colorado is when you are checking out the scenery!

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Do I Need New Brakes?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether your vehicle actually needs new brakes. On top of that, will new brake pads fix the problem or does your vehicle need new rotors as well? Do both your front and rear brakes need to be replaced? You can trust All Purpose Auto and Tires in Colorado Springs to inspect your brakes and give you an honest, accurate assessment of your brake health. If you are experiencing shaking, squeaking, grinding or petal fade be sure to call us right away. It is recommended that brakes are inspected once a year.


Brake Pads and Rotors

Commonly considered the most important system in a vehicle, there are two elements that make up your brakes as we know them. The brake pads can be replaced to improve brake performance. Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace the rotors on your vehicle to repair the brake system. Regardless of what your brake system needs All Purpose Auto and Tires in Colorado Springs has ASE Certified Brake Technicians who will take care of your automobile’s needs and ensure the performance of your brakes.

The smoother your brakes, the faster you stop!

We all need to be on our A Game when driving and that includes your brakes. When your brakes are worn and damaged not only does this slow vehicle responsiveness, it affects the comfort of your ride. Call All Purpose Auto and Tires today to ensure your brakes are keeping you comfortable and safe.


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