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Colorado Springs Alignments at All Purpose Auto and Tires


When it comes to your safety, nothing is more important than maintaining your vehicle and its different systems. A key component of your routine maintenance is having your alignment checked by an experienced Colorado Springs auto repair shop. In order for a car to function properly, precision is key. Your alignment can easily be thrown off by road conditions and hitting too many bumps, so it’s important to have it checked. Several signs that your car may be out of alignment include uneven wear on the tires, the steering wheel vibrates or isn’t center when driving straight, or the car pulls to the left or right. Depending on the wear and tear you put on your car, it is best to have an alignment done once or twice a year.

*64.99 Alignment covers passenger vehicles, service fees may apply

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Alignments Prolong Vehicle Life

Making sure your vehicle is properly aligned is an important factor in safety, as well as maintaining the life of your car’s different components. Improper alignment can lead to uneven wear on the tires, reducing their effectiveness in safe driving and leading to quicker replacement, costing you time and money. Call us today to have your state of the art alignment scheduled. We value your time and will get you in and out in no time!


Hunter, Our Alignment Partner

A misalignment can also put stress on your car’s suspension, wearing down components that could result in expensive repairs. Alignment issues can also be hazardous when driving at higher speeds, as it can have an impact on the car’s ability to steer properly. We have partnered with Hunter to provide the most efficient, safe and effective alignment to keep your vehicle safe. Call us today to schedule an alignment and seasonal inspection!

A Well Aligned Car is a Safe Car!

In our Colorado driving conditions your vehicle needs to be prepared for anything. The proper alignment not only keeps the structure of our vehicle secure, it minimizes tire wear and improves gas mileage. All of this goes a long way to keep your ownership costs down and your family safe. Call All Purpose Tire and Auto today for your Colorado Spring Alignment!



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